Jamia Islamia Madinatul Uloom, Memari, West Bengal
affiliated by : aligarh muslim university

About Us

In the name of Allah most beneficent and merciful
Jamia Islamia Madinatul Uloom
Madina Market, Memari, Burdwan. (W.B.), India
(Regd. Under Indian Trust Registration Act & Foreign Contribution Regulation Act)

Jamia Islamia Madinatul Uloom is one of the largest Residential Madrasahs in India established in the year 1968 A.D. It is of University-level and only one of that type in Eastern India.
Residential students strength of the institute is about 1295. Teaching Staff at present stands to 53 and there are 48 non-teaching staff. To improve teacher-student ratio teaching staff may increase to70 in near future. Annual expense of the institution is more than one crore rupees. Due to rising price it may further increase. Number of students are increasing every year.

Curriculum is up to Daura-E-Hadith starting from post primary level including all related courses of Hafiz,Quari,Maulana,Mufti, Adib-E-Kamil. Courses of Vocational Instructions include Designing and dress making, Watch Repairing, Driving, armature windings. Computer Training and other most time needed educational facilities are available in the campus. There are near about 1075 affiliated primary institutions under this JAMIA with about 48,300 students. Jamia offers free teaching along with free food and lodging including breakfast to the students, teachers and staff.

Beside EDUCATION, Jamia is also deeply engaged in many social activities for the uplift of the rural people in irrespective of religion & colour. We are rendering Ambulance and Charitable Clinic services to the poor people of the locality under the welfare program of JAMIA. In spite of our financial restrain and limitation we could, by the grace of ALLAH, reach out to the flood stricken people of our province with necessary relief materials like tarpaulin, plastic sheets, dry food, baby food and medicines along with doctors and volunteers to help the hapless people. Our relief work, help and assistance earned the praise and admiration of the public as well as of the administration. The JAMIA has also started organizing and holding Blood Donation Camp, Free Eye Operation camp and Health checkup camps regularly. Distribution of the Blanket, Stipend to the poor students, specially to the orphans and financial help for the marriage of the poor girls is also our regular program.

To improve the living standard of the villagers, we have provided drinking water facilities by installing hand pump/tube well in few thousand villages in backward and minority concentrated districts of West Bengal. JAMIA has also provided more than five hundred toilets in villages for the better sanitation system. These facilities JAMIA has been rendering since 1997.

Another aspects of development program is self employment project. Under this program JAMIA has already provided more than 250 numbers of van rickshaws to the rural youths. JAMIA also like to help the widows and needy women of the villages by providing them financial assistance to start small poultry farm and shops, vegetables selling etc. by the generous help of the kind people.

The entire show runs on donations and contributions of generous persons like you, with kind heart and urge to do something better for the benefit of common people. We seek your financial help and cooperation for further development and to do something for the humanity as far as possible in the path of ALLAH and His RASUL HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (pbuh).